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Cheryl Carbone

Owner & Instructor

“Physical fitness” was a household phrase in Cheryl’s family as her father was a high school physical education teacher and coach, and always insisted that his children remain active in sports and athletic competition.

Cheryl has been employed as a legal secretary, stenographer, Travel Agent, Silpada Designs jewelry representative and mother of three children. However, Pilates has become her passion and focus in recent years. At the same time Cheryl was taking classes from Jodi Hainse and several other Authentic Pilates instructors as an apprentice, she was working with her father in his rehabilitation from a hemorrhagic stroke.

She saw how his body and brain responded to physical therapy while she experienced the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit that Pilates brings. This connection and these experiences led Cheryl to enrollment in the USPA Certification Program, attending training seminars in the Basic/Beginner System with Somona Cipriani and the Intermediate System with Brett Howard, Master Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Studio Director of the Pilates Haus. She is Authentic Pilates trained in equipment and group instruction and has Authentic Pilates teaching experience.

Meet our newest instructor at Personal Pilates RI:
It is with excitement and enthusiasm that we at Personal Pilates introduce you to our newest instructor,
Lisa Alves. She was first introduced to Pilates twelve years ago when I opened Personal Pilates. Lisa has been dedicated to the practice ever since she walked through the door. She has always expressed that one of her long term goals was to become a certified Pilates instructor, and share the beauty of Pilates and all of its benefits. Lisa has always had a passion for fitness and the fulfillment it provides in her daily life.
Lisa recently completed her 300 hours of Pilates training as an apprentice. She has taken classes with me here at Personal Pilates for 12 years and has progressed through numerous levels of the Classical Pilates system. Her dedication to fitness and Pilates motivated her to begin her certification in March of 2021. Currently, Lisa is certified to teach Mat I and Mat II, as well as Beginner and Intermediate reformers. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of RI in Marketing and Business.
Lisa has been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 24 years and has continued her career as she teaches Pilates. Her husband and 2 children are equally passionate about health and fitness. Personal Pilates isthrilled to have her join our team.

Christina Kelly-Hunter


Pilates works that’s why I became a teacher.
​I would like share what Pilates has given me and many others. Strength through flexibility, correct posture for a feeling of wellbeing. Core strength for less back pain, full body strength and a healthy pelvic floor. Physically able to ‘do what needs to be done’ with a smile and energy at the end of the day. ​
My background includes two master’s degrees in psychology, and various certifications in somatics, psychosomatics, biomechanics, and physical wellness. I have 20 years of experience within the Pilates world, as a student and teacher with great success helping people of all ages with their fitness, health, and rehabilitation issues. Examples: -poor posture, increasing fixability, knee, hip and shoulder replacement recovery, Cancer and other health concerns, feet issues and extreme stiffness.
I am ‘no stranger’ to physical pain, I have been diagnosed with arthritis and cervical stenosis and am well aware of how physical pain can affect mood, energy and ability to participate in life. It was Pilates in general and specific exercises that “gave me my life back”. You will hear that comment over and over again from teachers and students once you step into Pilates. While the word CORE is well known these days it was Joseph Pilates who gave us the core some seventy plus years ago! ​It would be my pleasure to meet you at the studio for a one-on-one complimentary session and talk about your goals expectations and any limitations you may have. You will have an experience on the Pilates apparatus-equipment, posture assessment with suggestions on how to feel more comfortable in your body immediately. In short, we get to know one another a little. There is no ‘hard sell’ or expectations. You will know if Pilates is right for you or not, very quickly.

Jacklyn Tasca Bulman


Jacklyne Tasca-Bulman is a certified Classical Pilates Power Mat Instructor. 

Her certifications include all levels of Mat training, including Props!

Personal Pilates

Teaches a system of exercising that connects the mind, body, and spirit, creating a body that
is toned but not bulky, strong in the core and flexible.


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Before starting Pilates I had severe back pain, poor posture and was always tired. After a few months of Pilates (twice a week) my posture was much improved and I had energy throughout the day. Today I no longer have back pain and I have never felt better.

Cindy Student


Angela Student

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